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$50 USD

Can provide a student with basic school materials for a year, such as notebooks, pencils, among others.

$500 USD

Can help a teacher to enhance their pedagogical skills through training in integrated learning concepts.

$1500 USD

Can help us upgrade an entire classroom to an integrated learning environment.

$2500 USD

Can provide scholarship to a student for a year to attend higher (college) education.

Even the smallest amount goes a long way.

Every dollar you contribute helps us transform children’s lives.

Our Achievements so far

Camellia Kids

The acquisition and development of Camellia Kids College in rural Madhya Pradesh, India. The school is now serving +1,500 children from +80 villages.

Google Non-profit

Because Google recognizes My Manas Foundation as a non-profit educational services organization, My Manas Institutes are able to use G Suite for Education for free.

Technology Solutions for

Students in areas without access to computers or the internet are able to use cell phones to participate in online or virtual education they might not otherwise have access to.


In our first year we have implemented integrated learning projects using our four pillars of education: knowledge, skills, values, and mindset.

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Your donations are tax deductible.