Bringing new opportunities for the
unprivileged youth through an education
philosophy that fosters integral growth.

The current augmented approach doesn’t fit the abilities needed in real life. So, our proposed model includes four specific pillars:


We will provide children with the best academic curriculum in all subjects and technology to empower them with required knowledge to continue their education for life.


We will train children in skills, such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving so that they may effectively apply their knowledge from the classroom to the real world.


We will teach children important values such as respect, responsibility, and fairness so that they may ethically apply the knowledge and skills they have gained in their education.


We will promote positive mindsets in children that nurture curiosity, growth, resilience, and empathy. This philosophy will help these children continue to develop themselves, their values, and help them succeed in life.

This model allows students to build holistic life skills, and prepares them to overcome any
situation that they encounter with, using the best approach possible.

Our Institutions

Enhancing Educational Institutions

Our emphasis is on well-rounded education that involves physical, mental, moral, and spiritual aspects of learning, which improves our students’ critical thinking, athletic ability, and self-discipline.

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Building New Opportunities so Students Soar

The Sun provides the strength of the earth. It warms seeds and prods them to sprout, fueling roots that grow into the motor of life. The Sun Institute patterns this cycle, pouring into the sapling minds that will produce the fruit of our future.

The Sol Academy prides itself on holistic, quality, and equal-opportunity education.

Illuminating an accepting culture and unrelenting standards, it cultivates critical thought, compassionate hearts, and capable leaders.

Make a difference in the world by
supporting the bright minds of tomorrow.

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