Assistance in higher education and personal growth to children with limited economic opportunities.

Funding High Quality Education

Because all children have the right to education

Scholarships are offered in the USA in partnership with Scholarships America so young students can continue having the best education available. The purpose is to design and deliver students scholarship programs that meet their educational needs and long-term professional objectives.

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Enhancing Educational Institutions

A network of schools located in rural India that share our integrated approach, lifting up unprivileged children and allowing them to build holistic life skills through physical, mental, moral and spiritual aspects of learning.

This raises the level of thinking, knowledge skills, physical standards, discipline and scientific attitude of the students.

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Building New Opportunities so Students Soar

The Sun provides the strength of the earth. It warms seeds and prods them to sprout, fueling roots that grow into the motor of life. The Sun Institute patterns this cycle, pouring into the sapling minds that will produce the fruit of our future.

The Sol Academy prides itself on holistic and quality education that levels opportunities accross demographics.
Illuminating an accepting culture and unrelenting standards, it cultivates critical thought, compassionate hearts, and capable leaders.

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